About Us

A Few Words About Us

page2_pic1TechChoice was founded by people who care about their customers and will take the proper steps to establish a quality business relationship. We know first-hand that there are great salespeople representing each carrier, we used to be them. However even the best salespeople are biased when representing one carrier; how can they operate any other way?
We expertly represent all carriers; our evaluations aren’t jaded by sales compensation plans, quotas or commissions. We are 100% client solution focused. Not only do we think differently at TechChoice, we act differently.

What We Offer


We take the time to listen. We want to know how your business operates, your goals and the challenges you face. Tell us how you want the partnership to function. Only when we understand your objectives can we align a proper solution.


We solve your issues. All carriers have different combinations of products and services, but they aren’t solutions they are line items. We evaluate your unique situation, build a true solution and then reach out to the carriers who can deliver in each aspect. We do the work instead of leaning on the carrier and being sold ourselves.


We support you for the duration of our relationship. With a technical knowledge of your infrastructure and it’s intended purpose. We will be your closest ally if an issue arises. Rather than providing “the extra layer of support” by answering your calls and then shuffling you off to the carrier (wasting time) we sit on your side and facilitate a prompt resolution.